An Israeli philanthropic foundation that works to advance social mobility and solidarity in Israel. The Foundation is focused on the changing needs of Israeli society and strives to create diverse solutions to reduce social and economic gaps. We do this by partnering with likeminded organizations and individuals to promote policies and develop initiatives for at risk populations, supporting technical education in the periphery and helping small businesses thrive.   

  • The Founders’ Words
  • The Founders’ Words

The Founders’ Words

Anat & Amnon Shashua

"We founded the Shashua Family Foundation out of a sense of mutual responsibility, solidarity, and a commitment to realizing the vision and values instilled in us from our upbringing. Central to our belief is that every individual deserves the opportunity to lead a meaningful life within their community. The family is united in the understanding that we bear both an obligation and a right to collaborate with the state in fortifying civil society”.

Core activity

  •   At-Risk Populations

At-Risk Populations

The Foundation provides support, partnerships, and solutions for children, youth, and young women, and men at risk due to situations of neglect, abuse, and trauma resulting from parental incapacity or the absence of a family support system. With a focus on reducing social and economic disparities and breaking the cycle of risk, the Foundation endeavors to empower these individuals, enabling them to achieve successful independence within the community. 

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  • Tech & Science Education

Tech & Science Education

“Education is one of the only things that cannot be taken from a person” (Aharon Shandor Ramaty)
The Foundation is committed to bridging socio-economic gaps through increas accessibility and investment in tech education and scientific literacy Programs. Programs how focused on populations that have been historically marginalized and work to build tech literacy from a young age. 

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  • The Social Solidarity Foundation

The Social Solidarity Foundation

The Foundation's entrepreneurial arm, the Social Solidarity Foundation, was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic with the introduction of the groundbreaking We19 project, providing growth grants to small business owners. Post-pandemic, its scope expanded with the creation of the WeR1 social app, now benefiting over 13,000 Israeli business owners by facilitating growth and economic sustainability.

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Development & Strategy

The Foundation's strategic approach is built on its core values which serves as an integral part of We regularly evaluate our programs through the prism of our core values. Moreover, we continually refine our programs and operations to reflect our adherence to our values. 

The Foundation utilized measurement and evaluation as a key tool for examining, advancing, and continuously improving its philanthropic strategy. 

The Foundation believes in supporting policies that further the issues currently on its agenda.

The Foundation fosters awareness of gender equality by examining philanthropic giving through a gender lens.

Last Updates

  •  JFN Israel Conference

JFN Israel Conference

We had the privilege to participate in the JFN Israel Conference - an exceptional event, both in its importance and relevance, and in the fascinating content it brought with it. We were impressed by the significant presence of over 600 Israelis and Americans, who came together despite the complex security situation to support, strengthen, and assist Israeli society even in these challenging times. Over the four-day conference, we engaged in meetings on various topics, such as the use of artificial intelligence in education, mental health during times of war, gender in the modern world, and more. Above all, at the conference, we came to understand alongside our colleagues worldwide that the ability to tell our story is no longer a privilege but a national mission. Alongside the extensive learning during these days, as an Israeli philanthropic foundation operating regularly and especially since the outbreak of the conflict, we contributed our part in numerous discussions and shared our perspective in various areas. Inbar, the foundation's CEO, represented us at the partnerships table, on the giving panel with a gender lens, and especially in her closing speech in the plenary, where she spoke about the place of the next generation in philanthropy and in the country and the responsibility placed on its shoulders. We thank JFN Israel for an important and enriching conference, and of course to all the participants who made these days particularly effective, and we hope for better and quieter days ahead."

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  • Enhancing Early Childhood Education

Enhancing Early Childhood Education

Continuing to enrich our professional knowledge in the field of early childhood, for the sake of continued extensive activity and fruitful collaborations, it was an honor for us to participate in a special workshop led by an international expert in early childhood, Beatrice Rotisahazir Ram, who provided important information and tools for dealing with stress in young children. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the educational teams who facilitated the workshop, as well as to the Blessing Foundation and the Education Entrepreneurship Foundation for their support and contribution to our professional development.

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